Elvis is a 14 year old Paint that has been in our lives for almost 12 years. He was the reason we wanted to further our knowledge in horse training as he came to us as a very stressed, anxious, full on colt. He is a very special horse with an extremely kind nature, he also loves tricks and liberty!

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Billy is a 15 year old Paint. He is one of the kindest, sweetest horses we have met. He is such a trustworthy horse, with beginners all the way up to advanced riders. He was trained in western up to a national level, he now enjoys the quieter life and teaching people to ride and participating in our Equine Assisted Learning programs.


Smurf is a 7 year old Welsh x that has been with us for 3 years. He is a sensitive soul, but he also has a wicked sense of humour. He loves clicker training and learning new tricks, he also loves liberty.

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Cody is an 18 year old super pony! He was Ellen’s second pony when she was younger and he really taught her the ropes in every single discipline, he competed up to state level. We were lucky enough to have bought him back over a year ago for him to live out his days here and teaching kids to ride. He is a super reliable pony, that has a lot to give.


Jack is another of our wonder ponies, that was Ellen’s previously. He is 20 years old. He has competed also up to state level and competed in many disciplines. We have recently bought him back for him to be a part of our lesson and Equine Assisted Learning programs. He is a great little pony, super affectionate and loves a pat and cuddle!


Maverick is a 4 year old Miniature horse that visits nursing homes and hospitals. He loves to brighten peoples day and bring a smile to their face. He is full of personality and is sure to make anyone laugh!


Bubbles is a 13 year old Miniature Horse who has been with us for over a year. Bubbles joined Lyndonlea to work alongside Maverick with nursing home visits. She is very laidback and loves a good pat and scratch!


Stormy is a 4 year old Miniature Horse that is Maverick???s half brother. We have had Stormy for 3 years to originally be a friend for Maverick, but he is starting in our nursing home therapy program. He has a cheeky personality and is the boss of the mini herd!


Ice is a 2 year old Miniature horse that joined our family as a weanling. When we first met him we knew he would be a perfect fit for our therapy program. He is such an old soul that is so calm in all situations, he takes everything in his stride and is happy to stand around for lots of love and attention.


Sam has been in our lives for over 8 years now. He was a rescue horse that was only a yearling. He was started by us here and has proved to be a lovely quiet boy. He has been involved in our lesson program and Equine Assisted Learning. He loves a scratch and lots of treats!


Louis is our 17 year old rescue who joined us with Sam 8 years ago. He is a very gentle soul and has a presence about him that everyone loves. He is involved in our Equine Assisted Learning program and is great for people to be become more aware about themselves.


Ember is our youngest horse that is 3 years old and was born here at Lyndonlea. She is proving to be a gentle, quiet girl who will stand around for pats and scratches. She loves to be involved and to learn. For now she is not part of our programs but may be in the future.